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Fuel System Cleaning

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 Fuel System Cleaning

Honda Fuel System Cleaning in Dearborn, MI

The Honda Fuel System is on every model with an internal combustion engine; it is responsible for storing, guiding, and delivering fuel into the engine’s combustion chambers in the precise amount to generate the power necessary to travel the desired speed given the terrain and with optimal fuel efficiency. However, the fuel system can get dirty; in fact, it will get dirty and require cleaning before the accumulating filth chokes the fuel system by restricting small internal passages. Rest assured that our Fuel System Cleaning will clean the entire fuel system to restore its initial spotlessness. When your Honda car, truck, minivan, or SUV needs a Fuel System Cleaning to restore its cleanliness and performance, we invite you to the LaFontaine Honda Service Department in Dearborn near Detroit, Taylor, and Westland, MI.


Symptoms of a Dirty Fuel System

At LaFontaine Honda, we know from years of providing fuel system cleanings across all Honda models that the fuel system can get dirty. Although we’d like to think that all of our customers fill up their fuel tanks with only the cleanest fuel, the reality is that all fuel pumped from the station carries unwanted particles that can accumulate throughout the fuel system from the fuel tank through fuel injectors. If you notice any of the common symptoms of a dirty fuel system, it is a good decision to schedule fuel system cleaning before the fuel induction passages are restricted by filth. Here are the most common symptoms of a dirty fuel system:

  • Engine delay or hesitation
  • Engine stalls
  • Hard-starting engine or won’t start
  • Variable engine performance at differing speeds

LaFontaine Honda Service & Parts

At LaFontaine Honda, our Honda Service Department provides high-end fuel system cleaning that goes well beyond dumping a chemical into the fuel tank hoping that it somehow cleans the fuel system as the label claims. Rest assured that fuel additives can be helpful but they won’t reverse the symptoms of a dirty fuel system because their usefulness is preventative at best. Our service includes a Factory-trained and certified technician, specialized fuel system cleaning instruments, and a top-tier cleaning solvent guaranteed to remove the grime out of the fuel induction components.

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