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Power Steering System Fluid Exchange

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 Power Steering System Fluid Exchange

Honda Power Steering System Fluid Exchange Service in Wayne County, Michigan

Some vehicle owners doubt the need to change or flush out the power steering fluid in the engine and put off taking the car in for this service. However, just like any other regular maintenance task, neglecting to do a power steering fluid change will hurt the daily performance of the vehicle and can even make it harder for you to drive the car. Here are some reasons you should make it a priority to get a power steering system fluid exchange service from a qualified technician like those at LaFontaine Honda in Dearborn, Michigan.


Why Does Your Power Steering System Need its Fluid Exchanged

In a modern vehicle with a power steering system to make driving easy, the power steering fluid lubricates the hydraulics that controls the power steering pump. Over time, this fluid can grow dirty and fail to lubricate the system the way it is intended to work.

Small particles of dirt or rubber can work their way into the fluid and clog key parts of the system. This can cause your power steering system to lock up, making it harder for you to turn the steering wheel. If you hear unusual sounds when you turn the wheel or find it hard to make turns in your vehicle, you may have an issue with the power steering system or the fluid within.

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At LaFontaine Honda in Dearborn, we have a full staff of factory-trained and certified technicians performing state-of-the-art repairs and maintenance services. Conveniently located close to Detroit, Taylor, and Westland, our shop is easy to get in and out of no matter how busy your schedule is. Our team is qualified to work on any make or model of vehicle you have and keep it running properly. We only use OEM parts and give free parts and labor warranty on the work we do. This helps you feel assured that no matter what you bring your vehicle in for, the issue will be properly resolved, and we will help with any issues that may occur with the same part down the road. At LaFontaine Honda in Dearborn, Michigan, we can help restore your power steering system to the way it used to be and keep it working properly for many years to come. Visit us today to get your vehicle serviced by our experts.

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