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Shocks & Struts Inspection & Replacement

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 Shocks & Struts Inspection & Replacement

Honda Shocks & Struts Service in Dearborn, MI

The suspension system in your car makes a big difference in how comfortable it is to drive and ride in. Your shocks and struts take a great deal of force and wear and tear every day when you drive. When you are driving your shocks and struts work to help reduce the stress of the bumps and holes in the road. The shocks and struts allow for the car to flex and to bounce so that the frame is not damaged and the wheels are not damaged as well. They also work to absorb some of the shocks as you drive over the road to make driving or riding in your car more enjoyable and more comfortable. The shocks and struts can age and can also end up needing replacement to work their best.


Why Your Vehicle Might Need Shocks & Struts Inspected

Shocks and struts work together to create a great deal of the suspension system of your car. This means that they are responsible for making sure that the frame of your car is protected and that you can safely go over things like bumps and holes. When the shocks and struts start to go out in a car you can tell as it becomes less comfortable to ride and it can also start to creak and groan when you drive. It is always best to take the time to get the suspension fixed when it starts to go out before it has a chance to cause major damage to your car.

Delaying a Shocks & Struts Service: Bad Idea

Delaying this type of service might end in a car that sags, a car that is very uncomfortable to drive over bumps and holes in the road, you may hear the suspension creaking, you may hear popping and you may also have trouble with the steering of your car as well. It is always best to get this type of major issue taken care of before it causes more damage to the car.

Why Choose LaFontaine Honda Service Experts

LaFontaine Honda offers a fantastic customer waiting area, factory-trained specialist, a great facility and more. They also offer a courtesy inspection with each service and are a great place to go if you want to get in an out quick and get excellent service at the same time. They offer a huge range of services to help get you back out on the road.

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