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Water Pump Replacement Service

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Water Pump Replacement Service

Water Pump Replacement Service

Your engine relies on coolant to keep things running cool and smoothly during your daily travels. That is especially true during the hot summer months while driving the roadways in and near Wayne County. All that stopping, starting, and idling at red lights make your engine run hotter due to reduced air flow. It also puts a lot more strain on your engine as it generates additional power to get back up to the speed limits in and around town. That all adds up to a lot of friction and heat building up inside your engine that your water pump and coolant need to carry away. Proper circulation ensures the heat from inside your engine gets carried away toward the radiator and other cooling areas.

Replacing Your Water Pump

When you bring your car into LaFontaine Honda in Wayne County, our team of certified and experienced mechanics will inspect your entire system. They ensure your water pump is in proper working order, and all related systems are as well. That includes the thermostat and hoses that carry coolant throughout your engine.

If any issues arise, we have a full line of OEM and high-quality aftermarket parts available to fix it right away. Our friendly team can inspect your system, flush and fill your coolant, and ensure your water pump and thermostat are in good working condition. We also will ensure there are no leaks or loose hose clamps that might cause water loss while driving. When you leave, you will know your car’s cooling system is in top shape.

Importance of Your Water Pump

Water pumps and related system parts need maintenance and repairs to stay reliable. Over time, mineral deposits and normal wear and tear affect your water pump. It becomes less efficient and can fail it left unattended. The same goes for the thermostat and other important elements of your cooling system. When your water pump is operating at less than peak efficiency, your car suffers premature engine damage, runs hotter, and uses more fuel. Eventually, you could have a serious mechanical breakdown if your water pump fails or the cooling system otherwise stops working.

Schedule a Free Inspection

The experienced team at LaFontaine Honda offers a free water pump inspection. We have a great customer waiting area while service gets done. Those in Detroit, Taylor, and Westland, MI, and other nearby communities can use the free shuttle service or car rental option. When our team of friendly mechanics finishes, your cooling system will work well.

First-Rate Auto Service in Dearborn, MI

Motorists in Detroit, Taylor, and Westland, MI, can benefit from the fast and friendly services provided by LaFontaine Honda. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, experienced and certified technicians will perform the water pump replacement service quickly and identify and additional parts that need maintenance or repair.

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