Honda Parts Department

Honda Parts Department

Honda Parts in Dearborn, MI

When a Honda car, truck, van, or SUV has a defective part in need of a repair service, the question becomes – where should I get my replacement part? When you only trust a reputable Honda dealership with a Honda Service Department, every repair will include a genuine Honda OEM Part meticulously engineered and rigorously tested for fit and performance in your exact vehicle.

Genuine Honda Parts

If you roll the dice and try to get a repair at an independent shop, you will most likely get a generic aftermarket part. We know from years of providing Honda repair service that your Honda vehicle will always benefit from OEM replacement parts that come with a free Parts & Labor warranty. When you rely on an independent shop without OEM Parts, you never get the security of a warranty. When your Honda needs a replacement part, it’s best to only accept service with OEM parts backed by a Parts & Labor warranty. Rest assured that our Honda Parts Department has precisely what your vehicle needs to get back on the road with peak performance, maximum reliability, and passenger safety at factory specifications.

Most Popular Auto Parts:

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn


We carry the most popular brands of tires to ensure we can find the perfect new set to fit your vehicle and driving style

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn

Spark Plugs

It is recommended to replace spark plugs every 30,000 miles. Rest assured we have the right ones for your vehicle.

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn


We carry engine and cabin air filters specifically designed to fit in your model.

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn

Wiper Blades

Honda suggests replacing wiper blades every 6 – 12 months. Make sure you aren’t stuck in bad weather with poor vision and pick up a new set today.

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn

Brake Pads

Brake pads are of the utmost importance because of the role they play in the safety of your vehicle. We carry the brake pads you need for your Honda.

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn


Most people don’t think about their vehicle battery until it dies and leaves them stranded. Avoid this issue by purchasing a new battery every 2 – 3 years

Find The Best Parts at LaFontaine Honda

Regardless of your parts needs or questions, our staff is always prepared to be as helpful as possible. Give us a call or simply stop by our dealership and we will be happy to help. Along with our parts department, we also have a service department offering basic and complex Honda service and maintenance. Whether it be an oil change, tire rotation, or major transmission replacement, we are here to assist you. We also can perform replacement or repair services with the new parts you purchased right in our service department. Schedule your next service and order parts online directly through our website!

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn Dearborn MI

OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

OEM Parts have many distinct advantages that ultimately make them hold more value for our customers. Here is an overview of the many ways Honda OEM parts are greater than aftermarket:

  • Greatest value - We can’t tell you the numbers exactly, but we routinely provide repair service for Honda owners that risked service at an independent shop using a generic part.
  • Quality backed by a leading auto manufacturer – Honda is known for the high-quality vehicles they produce and their parts are no different.
  • Parts made in the same factory as your vehicle – OEM parts are made in the exact same factory as the Honda vehicle you drive.
  • Meticulously designed for your exact vehicle – Each OEM part fits your Honda vehicle perfectly as it is designed specifically for that model.
  • Rigorously tested for fit and performance on your exact vehicle – We test the parts we build to ensure the highest safety for you and your passengers.
  • Backed by a warranty – Generic parts have no quality assurance guarantee, were often manufactured in factories without standards, and were manufactured with questionable raw material quality. It is for this reason of quality that generic parts never come with a warranty.

Complimentary LaFontaine Honda Amenities

  • Service all makes and models
  • Factory trained & certified technicians
  • State-of-the-art repair facilities & equipment
  • Complimentary Wifi
  • Assured service pricing guarantee
  • Factory trained product specialist service advisors
  • OEM parts w/ free parts & labor warranty
  • Assured service pricing guarantee
  • Factory trained product specialist service advisors
  • OEM parts w/ free parts & labor warranty
LaFontaine Honda Special

Oil & Filter Change

Up to 5 Quarts
LaFontaine Honda Tire Special

Buy 3 Tires, Get 1

LaFontaine Honda Service

Service Maintenance

Minor, Intermediate & Major Service
10% Off
Recommended 20,000 miles

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Savings Up To
$100 - $249
10% Off
$250 - $499
12% Off
$500 - $999
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genuine Honda Service

Brake Replacement Special

$40 Off
Genuine Honda Service

Complimentary Wiper Install

Receive complimentary installation for wiper blades purchased at LaFontaine Honda
LaFontaine Honda Special

Timing Belt Replacement

Recommended 105K Miles or 84 Months
$100 Off
LaFontaine Honda Special

Battery Inspection

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LaFontaine Honda Service

Major Maintenance Service

Recommended 30,000 Miles
$30 Off
LaFontaine Honda Special

Four Wheel Alignment

Alignments Are Crucial To Ensuring That You Get The Longest Life Out Of Your Tires.
Genuine Honda Accessories

Select Accessories

15% Off
Save 15% off touch-up paint kits and wheel locks at LaFontaine Honda!
LaFontaine Honda Special

New Battery

$10 Off
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LaFontaine Honda Service

Micron Air Cabin Filter

Micron Filter Replacement
LaFontaine Honda Service

Multi-Point Inspection

LaFontaine Honda Service

Tire Rotation

LaFontaine Honda Service

Fuel Induction

Service Special
• Clean Fuel Injectors • Clean Throttle Body • Clean Plenum System • Clean Air Intake System • Remove Chamber Deposits