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Honda Service Center
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At LaFontaine Automotive Group we are looking to invest in our most valuable asset, our people. Thats why we are hiring service techs for all locations. It doesn’t matter if your in college or working at an independent shop we need you! We want to grow our people thats why we offer training for any manufacturer you are interested in. On top of that, we offer two different payment plans to satify your needs, a traditional plan and a hourly plan.

If you or anyone you know is interest in this field visit below.

Genuine Honda Service in your Area

LaFontaine Honda proudly serves Honda buyers and owners from Dearborn and greater Wayne County. In addition to selling Honda automobiles, LaFontaine Honda in Dearborn, MI offers full state-of-the-art repair and maintenance services for your Honda automobile. We offer oil changes, brake services, transmission service, wheel alignment services, and more!

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn

Oil Changes

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn

Brake System

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn


Our Most Popular Services:

  • Brake Pad Replacement & Rotor Resurfacing Service
  • Engine Timing Belt Replacement Service
  • Coolant Fluid Flush & Exchange Service
  • Tire Rotation Service
  • Battery Replacement Service
  • Brake Rotors Resurfacing or Replacement Service
  • Headlight Resurfing & Restoration Service
  • SENSING Technology Repair & Replacement
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service
  • Fender Repair Service
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Battery Inspection & Testing
  • Water Pump Replacement Service
  • Four Wheel Alignment Service
  • Complete Front Brake Service
  • Multi-Point Inspection Service
  • Power Steering System Fluid Exchange Service
  • Transmission Replacement Service
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange Service
  • Dent Removal Service
  • Transmission Services
  • Wiper Blade Replacement
  • Tire Tread & Pressure Check
  • Tire Patch & Repair Service
  • Exhaust System Service
  • Car Wash & Detailing Service
  • Tire Replacement Service
  • Shocks & Struts Inspection & Replacement Service
  • Fuel System Cleaning
  • Bumper Repair Service
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Minor Maintenance Service
  • Intermediate Maintenance Service
LaFontaine Honda Dearborn Dearborn MI

Auto Service in Dearborn, MI

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn Dearborn MI

Repair Services

They service all makes and models ensuring that your Honda is well taken care of by experts. Not only are their mechanics well-trained they are also certified technicians who have access to state-of-the-art tools and the latest facilities.

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn Dearborn MI

Guaranteed Fair Pricing

When getting your car serviced or repaid price is an important consideration. LaFontaine offers an assured pricing guarantee that makes sure you’re getting the best price on your services. LaFontaine also honors all competitors’ coupons and offers better ones here.

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn Dearborn MI

Parts And Services

Not all parts are created equal and you want your Honda to be repaired and maintained with the best parts possible. LaFontaine makes use of OEM parts that come with a free labor warranty. LaFontaine’s product specialist and service advisors are factory trained and can advise you on what parts you need and the best plan of action to take. Finally, LaFontaine offers a courtesy multi-point inspection alerting you to problems you may not be aware of and keeping your car is in good working order.

Regular Car Maintenance

There is no shortage of retail chains or independent garages to take your vehicle for repair and maintenance. However, dealership repairs offer several advantages over their competitors. First and foremost modern cars are quite advanced and can require specialized training to correctly repair. At a dealership, the mechanics are specifically trained to work on your specific make and model of automobile.

Plus our dealership has the newest and best equipment which means not only are the repairs more precise but there’s a shorter wait time when having work done. Finally, when getting work done at a dealership you can rest easy knowing the work is guaranteed.

LaFontaine Honda Dearborn

Free Check Engine Light Code Retrieval Service

So your check engine light is on? Don’t Panic. The LaFontaine Automotive Group offers a Free Check Engine Light Code Retrieval Service at all of our locations. It is designed to provide the answers you need. Once the fault code (also known as OBD II code that caused your light to come on) is retrieved from your engine’s onboard computer, a professional Service Advisor will discuss your diagnostic options, to help get you on the road quickly as possible.

Why Schedule Auto Service Online Today at LaFontaine Honda?

As the above shows dealerships offer several advantages for regular maintenance. If you need regular maintenance or repairs for your Honda contact LaFontaine Honda today for more information and to schedule your appointment. We can help with repairs, scheduled maintenance, Honda branded recalls, parts ordering, engine lights, addressing issues that you think your car may have, and more.

Complimentary LaFontaine Honda Amenities

  • Service all makes and models
  • Factory trained & certified technicians
  • State-of-the-art repair facilities & equipment
  • Complimentary Wifi
  • Assured service pricing guarantee
  • Factory trained product specialist service advisors
  • OEM parts w/ free parts & labor warranty
  • Assured service pricing guarantee
  • Factory trained product specialist service advisors
  • OEM parts w/ free parts & labor warranty
LaFontaine Honda Special

Oil & Filter Change

Up to 5 Quarts
LaFontaine Honda Tire Special

Buy 3 Tires, Get 1

LaFontaine Honda Service

Service Maintenance

Minor, Intermediate & Major Service
10% Off
Recommended 20,000 miles

Wild Card

Savings Up To
$100 - $249
10% Off
$250 - $499
12% Off
$500 - $999
15% Off
genuine Honda Service

Brake Replacement Special

$40 Off
Genuine Honda Service

Complimentary Wiper Install

Receive complimentary installation for wiper blades purchased at LaFontaine Honda
LaFontaine Honda Special

Timing Belt Replacement

Recommended 105K Miles or 84 Months
$100 Off
LaFontaine Honda Special

Battery Inspection

With this coupon!
LaFontaine Honda Service

Major Maintenance Service

Recommended 30,000 Miles
$30 Off
LaFontaine Honda Special

Four Wheel Alignment

Alignments Are Crucial To Ensuring That You Get The Longest Life Out Of Your Tires.
Genuine Honda Accessories

Select Accessories

15% Off
Save 15% off touch-up paint kits and wheel locks at LaFontaine Honda!
LaFontaine Honda Special

New Battery

$10 Off
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LaFontaine Honda Service

Micron Air Cabin Filter

Micron Filter Replacement
LaFontaine Honda Service

Multi-Point Inspection

LaFontaine Honda Service

Tire Rotation

LaFontaine Honda Service

Fuel Induction

Service Special
• Clean Fuel Injectors • Clean Throttle Body • Clean Plenum System • Clean Air Intake System • Remove Chamber Deposits